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Stock Mind – The Finance Club

This is an initiative by few Number crazy Finance specialized Students, who exhibit their passion in analyzing the stock movement trends and creating insights from them. There are 10 coordinators (5 Senior & 5 Junior students) in this Club, selected through voting. It is supervised by a Faculty In-charge.

The key activities of this Club are:

  • Organizing Quiz contests
  • Presentations
  • Bazaar Charcha
  • Bull of the week contest

MARKO – The Marketing & Operations Club

Students who share passion in Brand Management, Sales & Marketing, Operations & Supply chain etc choose to be part of this Club. The students gain knowledge related to Exploring the identification of brands, Chalking the beat plan in distribution and Identifying CSF in Logistics of various industries. The Club is run by the Student Coordinators, 10 in number, with 2 Head-coordinators, supervised by a Faculty In-charge.

The key activities of this Club are:

  • Organizing Quiz contests
  • Presentations
  • New Product Idea contest
  • Product Reviews
  • Debates
  • Product Strategies’ Reviews
  • Market Strategies’ Reviews
  • Market Warfare (the real-time marketing scenario analysis)
  • Market Strategy solution building
  • Organizing Seminars and Workshops on Supply chain & Logistics

The CSR Club

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of any professional management body to inculcate values in students. The college has initiated various programs to make students part of nation development. The various activities conducted by students of CSR Club are:

  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Teach one Educate all
  • Plant a tree
  • Swach Bharat
  • Involving Students in various Social Awareness Programs
  • Knowing the importance of forests by visiting national forest academy

10 coordinators are selected who has interest in CSR. They are selected by voting in their respective sections. Two Chief coordinators are selected by voting who are responsible to organize all the activities. Members are encouraged to participate in the club. It is supervised by a professor in-charge CSR Club

Entrepreneurial Development Club

Entrepreneurial club is the most important club which runs under the aegis of NEN Wadhwani group. Membership of the club is by invitation and participation. The head of ED club is selected by the process of interview by NEN and professor in-charge. A senior student is selected as CEO who runs the club along with the executive member body. The membership is open to all the students.

The key activities of the ED club are:

  • Organizing ED workshop
  • Organizing Guest lectures
  • Pitching business idea
  • Organizing Business plan contests
  • Organizing Start up contests

ED club also organizes Interviews and knowledge sharing sessions with key business professionals. It is tasked to promote Entrepreneurial culture in the campus. The club also tries to rope in Angel investors to facilitate funding for the best business idea. It is supervised by a professor in-charge ED Club.

Literary Club

It is a profound club established to enhance reading, writing and oratory skills of the students. The purpose of Literary club is to know emotions, subject and expression from student’s mindset. It is committed to tap the effective communication talent among the students through interpersonal activities and competitions, like poetry writing, picture reading, debate, quiz, extempore, skit, elocution, declamation, crossword and scrabble. Literary club aims to foster the love for language and literature.

The club is run by student committee and membership for the club is open to all the students. The head coordinators are selected by students through voting and the Club is supervised by faculty in-charge.


E-Magazine is a Quarterly issue published on Diwali, New Year, Summer and Monsoon. 10 Student coordinators who have interest in writing, Graphics and are good at literature are selected through voting. The Chief Coordinator will be changed for every issue and they are selected on rotation as per alphabetical order of their name’s first letter. It is supervised by a Faculty In-charge.

Book Review

Book review is a unique activity started for the benefit of students. Main motto is to imbibe the passion for reading in students and enhance their presentation skills. Book review aims at introducing numerous books in management and self help genres, autobiographies and success stories of business tycoons to the students. Main crux of book can be presented by students which will enlighten their minds and broaden their thinking horizons.

Vandana – Setting the agenda for the Week

Vandana is the platform to kick start the week with all positive energy for productive week with story of the week to strengthen the confidence, the special segment to evoke the social responsibility, International and national news to know current happenings in the business world. It is the common communication stand between students and faculty to exchange the information. This is organized by students on Monday every week. The activities are organized by different groups of students on rotation and supervised by a faculty in-charge.

Summer Internship Program

Summer Internship Program is an institutionalized linkage between Institute and Industry benefitting both. SIP’s objective is to meet the rapidly changing needs and challenges of a professional workplace and enable students acquire the needed Learning by applying the knowledge and skills they possess, in an unfamiliar, open-ended real life situations. Summer Training Program is of eight to ten weeks duration. It is an integral part of curriculum, offered during the summer after the students have completed two semesters of course work. It is primarily an exposure-oriented program which is graded for 8 credits and therefore is equivalent to TWO full courses.

The Summer Internship Program process starts with identifying internship projects based on the requirements of the industry, in consultation with Industry experts. These projects will be designed in such a way that students are able to add value to the organization by contributing to the organization’s bottom line.