Difference Between Integrated MBA & B.Tech / B.Pham /B.Com

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Difference Between Integrated MBA - B.Tech / B.Pham / B.Com

Difference Between Integrated MBA - B.Tech / B.Pham /B.Com


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Course Integrated MBA B.Tech / B. Pharm B.Com
Course Category Professional Technical Traditional
Course Duration 5 Years 4 Years 3 Years
Focus Management Technical Commerce
Course Type Managerial Technology Accounting
Orentation Leadership Technical Supporting
Employablity & Placement Very High Poor Average
Career Scope Very High Poor Poor
Job Oppurtunties Very High Very Poor Average
Eligibility for Govt. Jobs Yes Yes Yes

Difference between Integrated MBA - B.Tech / B. Pharmacy

  • B.Tech & B. Pharmacy should be pursued only in IIT’s / NIT’s / IIIT’s / BITS / State Government Universities Campuses.
  • Bachelors of Management is a four-year professional course having wide scope and potential for a great career. This course offers lot of job opportunities in terms of variety, function growth and has more placement opportunities than B.Tech / B. Pharmacy.
  • It is very important for you to know that majority of B.Tech / B.Pharm students pursue PGDM / MBA in Business Schools.