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PGDM (Healthcare Management)

The Post Graduation in Healthcare Management is a degree program designed to provide preparation in management for the health care industry. Courses in the major address current management issues and challenges confronting professionals in the health care field. Core courses provide a comprehensive exposure to the foundation principles of business that are needed to manage functions common to any business enterprise.

Our faculty use case studies, project-based learning, and other teaching methods that promote real-world decision making. Students will apply common business practices through online and on-campus courses, working individually and in group projects in both settings. Course work emphasizes good critical thinking skills and the development of ethical leadership. Class discussions revolve around both classical issues and current trends that the business enterprise might face. The Senior Project courses require the students to integrate course outcomes into a customized application project.

“Employment of medical and health services managers is expected to grow faster than average for all occupations through 2014, as the health care industry continues to expand and diversify.” A combination of work experience in the health care field and strong business and management skills should lead to the best opportunities.

Post Graduation in Healthcare Management Healthcare is one of the most rapidly evolving fields. Apart from the ever increasing demand, the healthcare industry is changing very quickly in terms of methods and quality of services. Both the public and private sectors are actively involved in this industry leading to the fast growth and hence the need for qualified managers.

The country’s need for well-prepared health care managers is expected to increase at a rate faster than the average for all other occupations.* Insurance companies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, public health agencies, outpatient facilities, doctors’ offices, and many other employment settings may need additional college-educated professionals to run their day-to-day operations.

Career opportunities in the field of Healthcare Management are increasing very rapidly not only because of the growing importance of hospital industry, but also with the difference in the nature of work in hospitals. It is an apt career for those who have an empathic nature along with a flair for organizing, and an eye for detail. A Hospital Manager requires good knowledge of finance and information systems, interpretation of data, and must be able to keep up good communication with the staff of various departments, and patients. They can work as Deans and Directors of medical colleges, Hospital superintendents, Deputy Superintendents, Medical directors, Nursing directors, Heads of departments and as Administrators with substantial managerial responsibilities. Hospital manager will be responsible for the overall organization and management of the hospital to ensure its smooth functioning with the objective of ensuring complete satisfaction. A career in Hospital Management involves ensuring effective utilization of physical and financial resources of the hospital as well as creating an organizational climate beneficial to the growth and development of the personnel. It is a difficult, challenging, responsible and more over, a demanding job. 
To develop effective and innovative managers for the Hospital and Health care industry, this program aims to train potential managers, imparting to them specialized training in Health Care Management, thereby enabling them to meet the challenges and address the management issue in hospitals and health research institutes. With increasing segregation of clinical and administrative operations in healthcare organizations and growing customer needs, Hospital Management is fast emerging as a specialized area with an ever growing demand.

The Post Graduation with a concentration in Healthcare Management is a degree completion program designed to prepare you to influence and lead in the global business economy. Coursework is structured to assist you in achieving your goals as you acquire the knowledge and skills common to healthcare professionals working in hospitals, long-term care facilities, insurance companies, managed-care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, or one of the many other healthcare-related industries. 

The goal of the Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management is to help you advance your business background while building your understanding of the healthcare industry, including the environment of care, performance improvement, risk assessment and managing diverse workforces in healthcare. The program will help you acquire a strong business background to address common legal and practical problems facing patients, their families, practitioners, care givers and society within the healthcare industry. Business fundamentals are approached from a Christian perspective and complemented by in-depth study and application of knowledge and skills focused on healthcare. As a graduate of this program you will become a valuable asset to your current organization and a more attractive candidate to any potential employer.

This Post Graduation in Healthcare Management degree program features a specialization in Healthcare Management and may be designed to provide a solid background in business fundamentals, followed by an in-depth study and application of knowledge and skills that can be relevant to the field of healthcare. Courses are structured to assist students in the development of their goals as they can acquire the knowledge and skills common to non-medical healthcare professionals working in hospitals, long-term care facilities, insurance companies, managed-care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, or one of the many other healthcare-related industries.

The health care management major focuses on the administration, financing, and economics of the health services sector. The program prepares students for careers in health care administration and policy in hospitals, clinics, government agencies, insurance and managed care organizations, pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, medical device companies, and consulting agencies. Students gain an understanding of the many critical issues in health care delivery, such as health care quality assessment and improvement, health information technology applications, health care ethics, compliance with health care regulations, physician contracting and reimbursement, and billing and claims processing. Students learn about health policy and health care reform, such as proposals for universal health insurance coverage and the structure of health care systems.

This professionally oriented program also emphasizes the competencies required for management careers in business, government, public, or social service organizations. The program prepares students for entering careers with management responsibility by providing breadth and depth of knowledge about organizations, management fundamentals, techniques, processes, and skills, combined with a foundation in the functional areas of accounting, business law, finance, health care management, information systems, marketing, operations, and human resource management.

In addition to classroom-based courses, students may participate in internship programs where classroom learning may be applied during professional experience as an employee of a public agency or private business.

Unprecedented growth and technology advancements in health care present unique challenges to administrators. Skilled, effective management in this dynamic, competitive field is essential. If you have an associate’s degree or certification in health care and now want to expand your horizons and move into management in your chosen field, this program is for you. This degree specialization integrates general education and business fundamentals with an expertise in health care administration so that our graduates emerge fully prepared to assume supervisory/management positions in this growing industry.

This specialization will appeal to those with a health care background who seek a leadership role in this burgeoning field. This includes, but is not limited to, those working as, or aspiring to be, health care supervisors, medical records administrators, hospital facilities managers, nurse staff administrators, and medical staff services technicians.

The Post Graduation in Healthcare Management (HCM) program blends academic theory with the multidisciplinary principles, policies and practices that support the dynamic health services industry. This undergraduate major draws support from the following fields: accounting, biology, business, communications, economics, philosophy, nursing, political science, and sports/entertainment marketing. The PGDM is designed to prepare students for further graduate study or a variety of entry and mid-level career and leadership opportunities in the global and dynamic health services arena.